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BaseLAN 29 — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Thank Yous & Final Results from the Pit

Do do do doooo!

final brackets

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone that came out to BaseLAN this weekend, especially to the Counter-Strike community. Thanks for all of your patience through the issues on Friday and hitting the ground running when matches got started. I know Friday was rough with the strange Warmod issues but all of you were great while we dealt with that. Thanks for a massive turnout with 18 teams on Friday, making this the largest Counter-Strike turnout for BaseLAN ever!

I also can’t forget to give a huge thanks to Ariel, Dan, and AJ for their help. Especially Ariel and Dan for making us beautiful brackets over the weekend.

We’ve got some plans in the works to host more Counter-Strike events between now and BaseLAN 30 — stay tuned!

Matt Kondracki is AYB’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lead tournament official, and a Contributing Editor to

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