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BaseLAN 28 Parking Information

With the event coming up in the next few days, we are getting many questions regarding parking from new attendees.

Parking at Earl Grey is quite simple as you are allowed to park on all surrounding streets but in the summer we get a bonus, we are allowed to park in the tennis courts (skating rink in winter).


Turn into the lane off Cockburn North following the red arrows. The entrance you want to use is the green square in the image above. Do NOT go through the front doors of the community center (white square) as it will be locked. At the side entrance you can park and unload.

You can then follow the lane out to the street and find a parking spot or you can pull into the tennis court (rink) if there is space. Please make sure that you park properly, if you are taking too much space up we are no responsible for what happens.

DO NOT PARK ALONG THE LANE BY THE FENCE (YELLOW) BESIDE THE FIELD, YOU WILL BE TICKETED AND/OR TOWED. We have had cars ticketed and towed before, the neighbors will actually call the city as you are blocking their back lane by parking there.

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