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BaseLAN 28 – GTA5 Chaos Championship

I know it’s already been over a week, and some of you may be sick of BaseLAN updates, but TFB! I was busy last week, so my report is coming now. Deal with it, or don’t, but I don’t want to hear about it either way. There was chaos happening, and you need to see this!

One of the things we like to do at BaseLAN is have impromptu mini-games to keep people entertained all weekend. This year was no exception, and thanks to MSI donating a handful of Far Cry 4 keys to hand out, we managed to have a few good ones.

On Friday night we had GTA 5 running on the demo station across three 1080p screens. The setup was so amazing that we decided we should do some sort of competition with it, and since Matt Vinck — our in-house MSI Ambassador — had some keys to give out, he declared that the person that could cause the most chaos in GTA 5 would win a key.

Now that sounded great on the surface, but after a moment we realized that’s not an easily quantifiable challenge. A set of base rules were needed before the contest could begin.

Each player would start off fresh as a new respawn out of the hospital. First task, head straight to the Ammu-Nation and fill up the entire inventory with guns and ammo. If you somehow die before getting there, you are disqualified. Once loaded up with guns, step outside and the timer commences. Each player was given 2:30 seconds to try and achieve the highest star rating, and not die. Time was noted when the player reached 5 stars, and the star level was recorded along with the time if the player died before the timer was up.

In addition to being timed, each players run was recorded with the built in game recorder. Enter the week long delay.

Before I could do this report, I wanted to have each video edited, rendered and uploaded to Youtube, and I was out of town for 3 days following the LAN. It took the rest of my free time, but here you have it: the twelve BaseLAN 28 GTA 5 Chaos Runs, in all their glory!

Now these runs aren’t in perfect order, and I don’t know who each of these players necessarily is, but each one is worth a watch in my mind.

The first one I know for sure is ModerateSizedSteve. I know this for 2 reasons. He was technically the winner, so I made sure I knew, but there’s also the epic long distance chopper kill. Watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The second one, well this one was also easy to identify. Unfortunately for Chayse, his luck ran out quickly. At least he went out with a blast!

I wish I knew who pulled this one off because it’s a pretty destructive run!

I really like how this clip turned out. Keep yourself alive is a great anthem for this tournament. I was very tempted to use it for everything, but this one was just too perfect. I especially appreciated when the chorus kicked in. I swear that just happened.

Again, no idea whose run this is. One of my favorite edits is in the middle of this one though. You’ll know it when you see it. It’s a few good kills at once.

The amount of chaos mixed with a funky upbeat soundtrack makes me laugh every time! I’m chair dancing right now watching it!

Run 7 had to be redone. Its original form has an old tune from the 80’s that has been blocked in 189 countries. Why they put that song in the Rockstar editor is beyond me, but it’s a real shame. The song was pretty upbeat, but it was about not being good enough for a girl. The implied connotation was rather amusing to me. Oh well, back to some gangsta rap.

This clip could have been terrible, there was a lot of nothing going on at first. I think the soundtrack really sets the suspense and gets you ready for action. Don’t worry, this player came back strong.

Again, another slow start. Some people didn’t really take the timeframe to heart. You gotta jump out shooting to really get going. I didn’t know what I was going to do to save this one, but then I found a happy song! This is now my favorite of the 12 clips. It’s absolutely perfect if I do say so myself. Happy Explosions!

As I mentioned, some people didn’t take the time limit to heart. The idea was to be first to 5 stars. He figured getting a jet is instant 5 stars, so he made that his sole focus. He was sooo close, but alas, it was not meant to be. I was able to make a cool road trip montage though, so there’s that.

A good way to get things rolling is to come out with rockets right from the get-go. Man this guy gets it! This what chaos runs are all about!

This run technically wasn’t part of the competition, but it’s way too good not to share. Spongdangly, who helped run the Demo Zone for the weekend, gave it a go after everything was all settled down. While this wasn’t the best run of them all, it started off on such a high note everyone needs to watch this.

So there you have it, thirty minutes of GTA 5 chaos. I hope you had fun watching these. I know the players had fun creating them!

Do you have any crazy GTA 5 moments recorded? Share a link in the comment below. I’d love to see something epic!

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