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BaseLAN 28 CS:GO Final Results

Congrats to CyberRev,, and Windy Walking Club for finishing on the podium at BaseLAN 28’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament!

A huge thanks to all 15 teams on the great turnout, this wouldn’t have been a huge success without all of you. We’ll see you in October at the Winnipeg convention centre! Demos of the finals will be available soon on our website; see below for the final results and scores.


CyberRev – (DUM0RE, bonger, nitro, FoDa, wieBz)


2nd – (Dizzy, Scyllah, Mas0r, inkline, Lain)



Windy Walking Club – (KinZuu, Zeed, Symbolix, xstk, obe)



Teamcrust – (Skrunk, Cookiesars, Earpe, Quillbee, Doctor Doback )

5th – 6th

Ness and Friends – (ness, DRAKKY, methodtd, sNatch, tor1n)

Glockwork – (Mickemoose, bio-thrax, MaliciousPit, n_l, Rotht)

7th – 8th

He’s about 30 – (derts, rezoNe, |2ed|2um, -JD-, prismatic)

PRML – (Keshoon, RuSTeR, jSalvz, BHG, Tycoon)

9th – 12th

Park City Wildcats – (letterkenny problems bud, enjoy, Liquiid, kuBoENT, ClassicKW)

ECLIPS – (catcop, BERRYS, TheDiddler, Colelon, Sassiimov)

DBH – (no_be4rD, DoritoFajita, Magnie, Deathmckilly, Arc, SkyBlaze)

BlitzDank – (Blanxers, Chard, Karrot, MrThynder, Strukz)

13th – 15th

NoComment – (union1, ChaoticSynergist, slapdrag0nx, slompod, Bloodghast)

DS4 – (Vekktor, LaughingPapper, DJ Longbone, Agent Shadowcock, Dr. Srongdong)

GlutenFree – (Literacy, Sassmaster Slim, General_Girk, spyk32, Brockavich)


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