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AYBOnline and Reset Interactive Ultralounge Present the Winnipeg TI 5 Viewing Event


AYBOnline and Reset Present the Winnipeg TI 5 Viewing Event

Cost: Free

18+ Venue

Dates: Aug. 3-8

Proposed Schedule: (starting times might change depending on the first day’s turnout)

August 3: 12 Pm – 2 am

August 4: 5 Pm – 2 am

August 5: 5 Pm – 2 am

August 6: 5 Pm – 2 am

August 7: Noon 1 Pm – 2 am**

August 8: Noon-End of International**

**Open times based on event start

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Oh, and don’t forget:

On Friday, August 7th, we will be allowing people to bring their PCs and play some games during the viewing!

There is a limit of 20 spots and they are going fast, so if you want to bring your PC and game during the viewing, from 5 PM to close, sign up now!

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