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AYB Reviews LEPA BTS02 Bluetooth Speaker

LEPA takes sound to the next level with the BTS02 Bluetooth Speaker, with 360 degree sound this is definitely a crowd pleaser.

First Impressions


When I saw the big box for this speaker I went “Damn, that’s a big box for a speaker” and you know what they say about big speakers. Opening it up I was greeted by said enormous speaker, and a box of assorted treasures that was basically an accessory sack.

I really liked the feel of this speaker in my hands, it was big and I couldn’t wait to see what it could do.
Some other immediate observations were the giant hook on the end as well as the all rubber body protecting the speaker, clearly for looks and drops from safe heights.

Design and features

The LEPA has smart design to give it the powerful sound that it holds inside, the engineers that thought this up were genius, allowing sounds to come from every side only enhances the user experience, this was the first win for me.

The second was it’s water resistant, Ip45 to be exact. What that means for you is it’s meant for the outdoors and can handle a splashing or two. Just don’t submerge it or drop a drink on it, or you’ll have a bad time.

The big thing the BTS02 offers that I have yet to see on a speaker is a charge port for your phone. While the speaker runs on its own power source, it offers the user as well a 2200 mAh battery, this would also help explain the size of the speaker.



Okay, now this – this is a speaker. The sound was amazing, I threw everything at it, Bass testers, EDM, some trap music, hell even the classics. This beast handled the different levels of sound and kept a perfect volume for each genre thrown. I had no issues with volume quality with this speaker and it met my expectations for sound for private use as well a supplementary party speaker.

So why is it so damn good at sound? This beast of speaker has a built in passive radiator that delivers that superior bass sound.


The test

So what did I throw at it exactly to get so wow’d? I went through the test that I always do, bass testers, EDM/Trap, I threw some classical and dat boi Andrea Bocelli at it to see it’s abilities, and as suggested by my dear friend ReDge EDM I took a listen to Swellow – Citadel. If you win this item at the upcoming BaseLAN 30 event I’m basically making it mandatory to blast this song and just following the playlist for a solid hour, not only does the song have those lows and deep bass which I know as a music lover I just LOVE to hear get dropped, the songs are straight lit and I had my own little rave in my apartment.

I was super impressed with the sound and used the speaker for majority of my week for blasting tunes around the house.


The Verdict/Conclusion

Get this speaker if you love sound and music, like don’t even hesitate I can’t recommend this enough. I didn’t see a need to charge a phone on it, so that was a minimal feature I didn’t care for. It’s a well built tool that’s just a sick speaker unit that everyone should invest in.

Steve Noel is the deputy editor, his favourite Shrek movie is all of them.

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