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AYB Reviews: Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Pro

Finally, Kingston went and changed the game again and made the ultimate tool for business professionals and the average con goer. This tool is not only an emergency backup battery, but back up cloud storage on the go.

I had the privilege to play around with the new Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Pro and this thing is actually really dope.

So, what is it?

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro is a backup 5400 mAh battery that will give you 2 full charges on the average smart phone, partnered with on-the-go cloud storage that lets you wirelessly access the content of a USB Drive, SD card or the internal storage of 64GB.


A word of warning: do not rely on this to be a battery pack for Pokemon Go, as you will be disappointed. It’s a tool, not a play thing. It’s multipurpose. This will not be a quick charge-friendly tool, either, so if you have a Nexus 6P, any new flagship Samsung Device such as the S series or Note, as well LG, you’ll be charged at the regular rate of 2.0 Amp outage. These devices usually have quick charge down at 4.4A.

But honestly, I didn’t much care for the backup battery feature here. It charged up my Galaxy S4 while I was out (again, emergency charger at best). It was merely a plus. I was moreso impressed with the fact that I had a companion app I could download on the Play Store and use it to sync files and media from my phone to this tool.


This tool has 64GB Internal memory, which can be expanded at the SD card slot. It boasts USB side storage as well. I feel this is super important, as most con goers, especially those filming or doing media of sort, can always use that back up space. This is the answer.

I found it very convenient to have this ability, as there have been times where I needed the extra space at a con, or wish I had more. Now that I know an emergency battery pack can provide this. It’s a win-win.

My only complaint was the spotty battery life. It made me uncomfortable knowing some people may need to rely on this. I found it to be slow, and, if I was in need, it would JUST cut it. Another complaint was I was unable to transfer video files or find out how to.

USB and SD
USB and SD

So, now that you know a bit about it, and my experiences with it. This is how you actually use the thing:

I used my S7 for this review/demo. I had to firstly go to the Google Play store and download the companion app. Once it was installed — I opened it. Real Shock there.

To turn the device on, simply hold the red button for 3 seconds. The Wi-Fi will be enabled shortly, and you’ll be able to start using the tool.

But wait, how do you connect the device? The refresh at the top ain’t doing a thing. What I found out from actually reading the manual was I had to connect to its wireless signal, so that’s easy. Just jump into your Wi-Fi settings and connect!

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Once you’ve disconnected from your Wi-Fi, it’s smooth sailing from here, reopen the app and you’ll see your menus.


From here, you have a couple of options: exploring files and file locations (pretty self explanatory), and Backup/Restore. File Explorer is where all your stuff is stored. WOW, no way! I know, crazy concept. This is where you’ll be able to transfer stuff from your camera roll to the MLW Pro. I found it difficult to transfer video, and I couldn’t find out how, no matter the tinkering.  I didn’t bother with the full Backup/Restore.

Moving an image is easy. Simply go to Camera Roll, select image, and then select the transfer Icon at the bottom of the image. From here, it will ask you where you want this transfer to, etc.

An important feature with this device is remembering to turn on security; the device out-of-box is locked down to an open network, and you need to close it up just to ensure no one is creeping your files.

A useless feature I found on here was the ethernet port. I don’t see myself or anyone really making this a hard connection for storage. However the option is there if you need/want to. I guess I can half see the benefit of having this thing mounted to the wall, but again, it’s an on-the-go device, so this feature really wasn’t appealing or needed.


Overall, I found this device super easy to use, and very useful. I can see myself relying on it for a con for moving pictures over to make room for video content. The fact that there’s the option to connect a USB drive or more space with an SD gives the user so much freedom to move content wirelessly. The device is versatile, and will suit a business professional all the way down to a con-goers needs.

Steve Noel is the Deputy Editor. When he’s not yelling at Overwatch, you can find him at Asian Hot Pot on Corydon.

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