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AYB Reviews: HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset – Black

Great body, great sound, and great for budget — the Hyper X Cloud Core Gaming Headset delivers.

I was pretty excited to see this hit my desk for the long weekend to try it out on all my devices and PC. I was pretty impressed that a budget headset has so much to offer while being compatible with mobile devices, XBox, PS4, and PC gaming.

So What’s in the Box?

– Cloud Core headset

– Mic

– PC attachments for Mic and Audio

– Paperwork14215444_1089896417763221_374461292_oThe Cloud Core is a basic headset. It’s not going to contain the bells and whistles of a high-end gaming headset. It comes with what you see, and it’s true to its name – Core. Which, for the budget shopper, is fantastic! You can pick up the Cloud Core in the staggering $55 range. That’s nearly half the cost of the premium brand from Hyper X (the Hyper X Cloud II.).

Look and Design

Some will argue, there are missing components from the box. I say otherwise, as this is a budget build. However, it’s my job to inform you of what you may be missing, and help in purchasing decisions. So looking towards Hyper X premium top of the line audio is the Cloud II; this looks and operates very similar to the Cloud Core, however, the big difference here is that it comes with a USB 7.1 surround sound adapter, as well replaceable ear muffs (as I’ll call them). For someone on a budget and wanting a great-sounding headset, I feel this won’t change your mind all too much, and the Cloud Core will suit your gaming lifestyle.

The Cloud Core, aside from being super budget-friendly, is overall a well-built, sleek headset, with a top-stitch design and an all-black finish. This is one nice looking headset.


Field Test

I had the chance to test out the Cloud Core on several devices, my mobile device, my PS4, and my Wii-U. For all three, the sound came out very crisp and clear. It was smooth and, for lack of better terms, Lit.

I especially enjoyed the Core when used on my phone. I sat back for a few hours just hanging out with my cat and listening to some Spotify. I left some Frank Sinatra on, and that was that. I didn’t feel the weight of the headset getting in the way, and the sound seemed very focused, which made the listening experience all that more enjoyable.


Pros VS Cons — Would Buy/Wouldn’t Buy

So it comes down to this. The pros of this headset are: it’s budget friendly and will work for any gamer, the sound is crisp and dead on. Speech isn’t a worry, nor is communication, as there is an adapter for PC gaming, so you nor your team will miss a beat. When not used for PC gaming, I would recommend this to the Spotify junkie to get lost in some sound.

The cons are far and few between. The only con I can say here is going Stereo when plugged into a console. I just can’t recommend this for an audiophile on PS4/Wii, nor someone looking for true 7.1 surround.

Overall, I would buy this headset myself as I’m pretty basic and all I do is play Age of Empires II HD and scream Wololo at my PC.

Steve Noel is the deputy editor. Wololo.

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