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AYB Review – NoScope Gaming Glasses

I always laughed when I heard the term “Gaming Glasses”.

It just sounds like part of the current marketing trend to attach the gaming tag to anything. After spending some time with the NoScope Gemini, I can see the appeal of gaming glasses.

NoScope glasses work by using an orange lens to filter out blue light from your TV or monitor. The issue with blue light comes from your body mistaking it for a blue sky. The blue light tells your body it’s day time even though it may be 2 am and messes up your internal clock.


NoScope set themselves apart from other glasses by offering the same light blocking effect at less than a third of the cost.

When you actually pick them up you can see where the savings were made. The Gemini have a nice looking light metal frame. It was easy to bend but good build quality considering the $29.99 USD price tag.

It won’t be a problem if they are going to be stored on your computer desk and won’t leave your house (aside from lans).

When I first put them on the orange glow felt weird but I got used to it very quickly. I personally didn’t find much of a difference using them aside from everything being orange.

It may have been that I didn’t use them for long enough for the sleep change or that I spent a lot of time tuning the colour settings on my monitor.

I never wear sunglasses or glasses and found it uncomfortable wearing them for large blocks of time. I have a big head and I found them putting to much pressure on the side of my head.

I would recommend the NoScope Gemini if you’re in the market for gaming glasses or want to try something to get some extra hours of sleep.

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