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Antlion To Debut New Products At TwitchCon 2015

Have you won one of Antlion’s ModMic products at BaseLAN? If so, A.) I’m totally jealous, and B.) check this out.

Antlion has announced that they’ll be “expanding their retail product offerings for 2015”, and that a bunch of the new schwag will be shown off at TwitchCon this weekend.

Antlion Audio at TwitchCon 2015
Antlion Audio at TwitchCon 2015. Photo courtesy

Among other things, they’ll now start selling headphones from manufacturers like Audio Technica and Superlux, turning Antlion into a one-stop shop for your next headset + ModMic combo. And president Jimmy Console (best name) has said that they’ll be previewing new gaming products at TwitchCon (is that a sweet-looking new headset I see on that monitor… ?).

Given the standard of quality they typically apply to their stuff, I’m excited to see where this heads for them.

Full release below.


San Francisco, California — Antlion Audio announced today at TwitchCon 2015 that they have expanded their retail product offerings for 2015. You can now build your dream headset with one stop shopping at with a wide selection of headphones from audio industry leaders –  HifiMan, Audio Technica Professional Products, and Superlux.  Outstanding performance to meet any budget from the industry’s “best headphones under $40” – Superlux 668B – to the unparalleled audiophile listening experience of the HifiMan HE 1000 planars, and the complete line of Audio Technica Pro headphones featuring the M50X.

Antlion Audio President Jimmy Console stated that a variety of new gaming products would be revealed this weekend at TwitchCon. Live updates from the Antlion Audio booth are available at their website,, as well as social media accounts and convention goers can visit them in person September 25th and 26th at booth #2600 for raffles and giveaways.

The unparalleled and innovative Antlion ModMic combined with the comfort of professional headphones and our outstanding customer service will make your dream headset a reality! 

Disclosure: Antlion Audio is a sponsor of AYBOnline and BaseLAN.

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