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Ana Reporting For Duty! The First New Hero In Overwatch

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Ever since Overwatch was first launched, players have been looking for any info they could find to figure out who would be the first DLC hero for the title. A lot of signs pointed to a mystery character known as Sombra, but no concrete evidence could be found. That all ends today as Blizzard has just released the official files on who our next hero of the day is. Say Hello to Ana.

That’s right we have another sniper inbound so Widowmaker will have to watch her back. Ana’s brings a new style of support play with her Biotic Rifle. The gun fires long-range darts that heal her allies and deal damage to her foes.

She’s also equipped with a Biotic Grenade that will also heal friends and damage foes with an AoE attack. The grenade also boosts all incoming healing for allies and prevents enemies from being healed for a brief period. This will lead to some new strategies when it comes to support game-play.

Finally, the most interesting item is her Sleep Dart which will knock enemies unconscious for a brief period.  Ana’s Ultimate called “Nano Boost” allows her to buff an ally and grant them faster movement, increased damage and improved damage resistance.




Blizzard does not have an official release date for the new character yet, but it is expected that she’ll hit the game near the end of July.

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