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Activision Tests Waters with Multiplayer Only Version of COD: Black Ops III


Do you like Call of Duty but not the $60 a year plus DLC costs? It looks like Activision wants to lure you and others back with a new “multiplayer starter pack”. It includes ranked matchmaking as well as the Weapon Paint Shop, Gunsmith, Arena, Freerun, Theater, and the Black Market for $18.99 CAD.

Players will be restricted to the above modes as other features like Zombies, campaign, custom games, prestiging, mod tools or modded content, and the unranked server browser will not be available. You’ll have to act fast though as Activision has stated this package will only be for sale until February 29th. Players who want to play the full version of BLOPS 3 will be able to purchase the full game less the price of the pack and have the option of buying the Digital Deluxe Edition too. Upgrading, however, doesn’t appear to be time restricted and can be done at any time through the Steam store. Activision has posted an FAQ on their website to answer some of the finer details of what does and does not work.

Patrick Algeo is a Contributing Writer and Streamer for AYBOnline.

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