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A Tale Of Two Post-Mortems

Screenshot of the Woolfe post-mortem.

Developing games is hard, hard work.

I’m fascinated by post-mortems. Generally speaking, they read much more honestly than any material that comes out while a game is still actively being sold. And because they gave me the keys to this website for some reason, I’m going to share two excellent ones I found today.

Screenshot of the Woolfe post-mortem.

The first is by Wim Wouters at GriN, developers of the gorgeous-looking Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. In it, Wouters laments choices like the expansion of the game’s scope, and the decision to go with a fully-3D world — flouting the convention of most indie games, who stick to 2D graphics out of budgetary constraints. It’s a bit of a downer, but my goodness is it raw.

Screenshot of the Regard postmortem.

The second is by Aurélien Regard, solo developer of The Next Penelope: Race to Odysseus, which recently launched on Steam. Much more upbeat, Regard talks about the long development process, and the insanity of the day when The Next Penelope launched on Steam. Uploading the master copy of the game to Steam itself using two different phones as WiFi hotspots? Yikes, I feel for you feed me more.

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