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Screenshot of the YouCaring fundraising campaign for Kayla.

You’ve met my friend Kayla, even if you don’t know you have.

She’s the first person you see at every BaseLAN — that friendly, smiling face behind the front desk that hands you the waiver and answers any questions you have.

And she needs your help, even though she would never ask.

Kayla was in a vicious car accident 19 years ago, when a drunk driver made the mistake all drunk drivers eventually make. She’s fine and healthy now, but there are scars that remain on her face, decades later.

Kayla’s had sixteen separate surgeries for those scars. But they are impossible to get rid of. ‎To this day, tiny pieces of glass from the windows in that car find their way to the surface of her skin and are pushed out.

You know what amazes me, though?

We had over 23,000 people walk by the front desk at BaseLAN 29 last month. And she was there, front and center, smiling at every single one, scars and all. Like she’s been doing for years.

I can’t imagine the strength that takes. Lord knows I don’t have it.

Now, recently, Kayla found out about a treatment that will really help‎ reduce her scarring and build up her face around it. But the problem is that it’s “cosmetic”, as far as the public insurer in this province is concerned, and although they will cover her for the days off she needs, they will not pay for the procedure itself.

That’s where she needs your help.

Screenshot of the YouCaring fundraising campaign for Kayla.

Kayla’s friends have made a fundraising page on YouCaring to help pay for the cost of the procedure‎, and they’re almost at their goal.

I know she’s going to kill me for writing this — Kate, you’re in charge of Content now, tell my family I love them — but it would mean a lot to me and the AYB team if we were able to make this happen for her.

Kayla’s an integral part of AYB and BaseLAN, folks. I hope that one day, she can smile at everyone without scars in the way.

Jesse Mackenzie is the Managing Editor of He can be reached at, and his opinions are his own.

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