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A First Look at Sapienza – The Latest Level in the New “Hitman”

Fresh from Paris games week comes the latest in the Hitman franchise. With the ever-so-generous Io Interactive and Square Enix giving the world a glimpse of the new location, fans were blown away with the detail and sheer beauty of Sapienza, a fictional location off the coast of Southern Italy.

The video really shows depth of what the player is up against in the latest installment. The music alone sets the tone (“Between Two Points” by The Glitch Mob featuring Swan) from walking through the dense streets of Sapienza, the player will be introduced to challenges and opportunities, and of course, so many open ways to take out a target and explore their surroundings, whether it’s scaling a castle wall, climbing an old Bell tower, or the old fashioned way of walking up to your target.

Hitman has always let the player choose their own play style and it’s looking quite well from here – but hey! YOU be the judge!

Let us know in the comments below what has you most hyped for Hitman coming out March 11th, 2016!

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