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8 Bit Cats With Jetpacks? That’s JettyCat Towers

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Do you want to play something a little different on your mobile device? Are humans with jet packs a little to “mainstream” for your taste? How about an 8-bit cat? How about strapping an 8-bit jet pack to that 8-bit cat and then sending that cat up a tower full of fun and deadly obstacles? If that sounds like fun then you should be playing JettyCat Towers!

JettyCat Towers is an arcade style dodge or die game that lets players navigate a deadly maze of obstacles to get their cat to the top of the tower. The game offer over 30 levels and unlock able master levels in a fun easy to learn, but hard to master style of play. The clean retro visuals and simple controls make for the perfect combination for a quick session for the on the go gamer.

lvl1-3 lvl2 lvl3

So what are you waiting for? JettyCat Towers is available right now for free on the Android marketplace.

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