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Wrongworld Launch Trailer Lands In Preparation For Leaving Early Access

May 9, 2018 – Wrongworld, the surreal survival game from Sludj Games, drops a shiny new trailer in preparation for leaving early access on Friday the 11th of May.

Following 9 months of intensive early access development, working closely with the fantastic and supportive community, the time has come for the game to open itself up to the world. But the end of early access doesn’t mean the end of development – far from it. This is just the beginning!

Wrongworld has grown so much throughout early access, it’s hard to know where to begin! Here are a few of the update highlights:

  • Easy/Normal/Hard Modes, offering both permadeath and non-permadeath options.
  • New biomes, each including their own ridiculous new beasties.
  • Plenty of strange new locations to discover, and a bunch of new mysteries to unravel.
  • Build yourself a house and craft all kinds of high-tech structures and equipment.
  • Many more random events to keep you on your toes.
  • Craft a fishing rod and see what bizarre things you reel in.
  • Countless quality of life updates: Assign items to a Hotbar, split stacks, move structures, and play around with a ton of new customisable gameplay settings and preferences.
  • Mess around with all the craftables in Creative Mode.
  • Master the art of farming with greenhouses and sprinklers, and grow yourself some delicious meat trees!
  • Dozens of new Steam Achievements.
  • Tame a trusty (mutant) steed and charge around the world.

Post-launch, Wrongworld will continue to be expanded via regular updates. As well as a vast amount of planned new content – including new biomes, bosses, dungeons, and multiple planets to explore – there are also plans to add Twitch/Mixer viewer interactions, as well as launch both Linux and Mac versions of the game.

Wrongworld: Now 100% less early access-y!

About Wrongworld
Crash-landed on a surreal, low-poly world filled with freakish inhabitants, choose between permadeath and non-permadeath modes and embark on an epic (and ridiculous) survival adventure. Will you manage to stay alive as you unravel the mysteries of Wrongworld and search for a way home?

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