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Warhammer 40,000 Gladius: Relics of War ​​​​​​​- Meet the Necrons!

WH40K Gladius: Relics of War is the new strategy game from Slitherine/Proxy Studios, set for release for PC on July 12th. It is now available to preorder on Steam and, with a special discount on the glorious Deluxe edition (at only $34).

WH40K Gladius is the first ever 4X set in the dark Warhammer 40,000 universe: you will be able to eXplore and eXpand on the newly rediscovered Gladius Prime planet, to eXploit its immense richness of ancient and forsaken artefacts, but you will need to eXterminate all living creatures that you meet. On Gladius there is no space for diplomacy, as the only good Xenos are dead Xenos!

You can choose to lead the mighty Space Marines, the immense power of the Astra Militarum or the untamed green tide of the Orks. But if you want an unusual and challenging fight, choose the Necrons.

The Necrons are a weird mystery even by the twisted standards of the dark and deadly Warhammer 40,000 universe: robotic warriors who have slept for 60 million years in their tomb-cages.

The Necrons have been on Gladius Prime since time immemorial, sleeping deep beneath the planet in their ancient tomb cities, but recent events have awoken them. In ancient times they were flesh and blood but today they are a soulless race of relentless machines driven to exterminate all life from the galaxy.
Tactically, Necrons can only build their bases on the sites of their ancient tomb-cities, which means that a Necron player has to fight for control of their required locations for expansion.

Beyond that, their troops display few limitations. Not only are Necron armies extremely resilient, but they can rapidly repair their own units out on the battlefield. If you’re fighting against them, make sure you finish them off quickly. If you are playing as the Necrons you can turn this to your advantage and drag your enemies into a war of attrition.

Necron infantry might seem slow but they can make use of dimensional corridors to teleport across vast distances, granting their armies exceptional manoeuvrability. To maintain their metal warriors, the Necrons rely on ore supplies for upkeep, while they use energy for raising their troops from hibernation. By expending extra resources, they can rush the production of units to overcome any enemy with their greater numbers.

Given how resource-intensive Necron armies are, a wise enemy will hinder their access to raw materials (save for food, which they simply don’t use, as machines don’t eat). Cut off their ore supplies and you’ll see their warriors crumble and fall apart – if you live that long!

Necron units have the Necrodermis Repair trait: if they are mildly damaged, their living metal body will heal itself.

Let’s see some units from the Necron roster!

The Monolith is an ancient war monument of unimaginable destructive potential. When its massive silhouette looms over a battlefield, it will lay waste to entire armies with strobing torrents of gauss fire and deafening crack of its particle whip.

Night Scythe
The Night Scythe is the Necron’s favoured tool of invasion, a sickle-winged herald of woe that possesses the ability to beam Necrons directly into battle. Manoeuvrable enough to evade orbital defences and interceptors, and swift enough to outpace mustering foes, Night Scythes can ghost through a defence perimeter to deploy invasion forces well behind enemy lines.

Tesseract Vault
Only a race as ruthless and self-serving as the Necrons would think of unleashing a Tesseract Vault to further their aims – though each Vault is a potent weapon of war, the beings held within these floating prisons pose an almost incalculable threat.

If you want to preorder or wishlist WH40K Gladius, you can do it now on Steam (and you will also fine a special sale for the Deluxe Edition)!