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War Planet Online Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

September 4, 2018 – Gameloft is thrilled to celebrate the one year anniversary of War Planet Online with the largest update yet. Get ready, Generals, because this update brings the biggest addition yet – a space station!

Download War Planet Online here:

New features include:

Orbital Command
Check the Global view! Players can see it hovering over the Globe. The Orbital Command gives Factions a new set of strategic abilities and bonuses. But only Faction leaders can decide how to deploy it. Faction members must work together to build, upgrade and recharge it to unlock its full potential.

Equipment presets
Design custom equipment presets. Easily switch between presets so you always have the right loadout for the task at hand. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Invasion rework
Rewards are based on the total level of controlled capitals at the end of the event.
Players can counter attack the renegades preventing them from sending attacks.

The Marauders
They want new order, new rules and new leaders. Hunt down the menace and gather great spoils of war that can be used to create new equipment for the General.