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Vantec’s Dedicated USB 3.0 Dual/Quad Chips Promises Huge Transfer Speeds

The Vantec Dual Chip 4-Port Dedicated USB 3.0 PCIe Host Card is design to offer the best USB 3.0 performance possible. This unique design with 2 dedicated chips provides 2 dedicated fast lanes with the maximum bandwidth. Using 5Gbps per chip and with a combine total of 10Gbps, this translates in to super fast file transfer and work done. This dual chip Host card incorporates UASP technology with the aid of the latest OS and UASP devices will further enhances and put the speed into hyper drive. This card comes with lots of additional features, like support for USB Battery Charging specification, Intel XHCI Compliant, PCIe 2.0 x4 interface, built in power connection for LP4/SATA and backward compatibility to all your other slower USB devices. This card simply will increase your productivity by many times. The quad version has even more power!

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