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Undead Legions 2 Released Today

The frantic top-down shooter has been in the makings for over 3 years and has now been released as an Early Access title on Steam, featuring all major game elements and a good 2-3 hours of intense and challenging gameplay.

Undead Legions 2 is a solid mix of intense arcade style, power-up driven top-down shooting, tower defense mechanics and Action-Rpg gameplay. Great in single player, perfectly suited for couch co-op. Players can play with and develop four different characters, which each come with their own skill tree and special abilities, either single player or in local co-op. Another major game element are upgradable „Support Spheres“, which add a good amount of Tower Defense mechanics. Last but not least there’s dozens of items that players can find and equip their heroes with, making them significantly more powerful.

Steam store page:
Price: $6.99 – 20% in the first week


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