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Treasure Stack is Coming to Xbox One

New trailer shows off the grappling, platforming goodness in store

September 11, 2018 — Treasure Stack, the indie puzzle-platformer that made waves during its announcement earlier this summer, is coming to Xbox One this year.

Treasure Stack fuses old-school falling block mechanics with grappling hooks and platforming action, resulting in a frantic puzzler that will keep you guessing as to just who will win. Players can test their mettle in Challenge mode or play with friends in one of two multiplayer modes. Local Versus mode will see up to four players duking it out in person, while Online Versus mode gives players the chance to battle head to head with other puzzlers from all over the world.

Game Features:

  • Play solo, against one or more friends locally, or hop into Online Versus
  • Choose from over 50 heroes
  • Customize your character with different grappling hooks

Check out the PC demo available for members of the official Treasure Stack Discord channel.

Join the Treasure Stack community:


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