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Trains VR launches May 1st on Gear VR and Oculus Go

Ready for some good old steam-powered adventure? The House of Fables has just launched its newest VR title. Starting today, Trains VR is available on the Oculus GO and Gear VR. Hop aboard a fascinating world of railway models and childhood nostalgia!

Trains VR , developed by The House of Fables, debuts today, May 1st, on Gear VR and on the Oculus GO – as one of the first games available on this new platform. If you always dreamed about stunning railway models as a kid or you were fortunate enough to own them, you can’t miss this title! Become a conductor and stationmaster – put on your goggles and dive into your childhood!

Visit the Oculus store (Oculus GO, Gear VR) to get the game, and dive into a virtual world of trains, rails, and models. Trains VR is available at $4.99. There’s no time to lose – after all, delays are bad business in the railway industry!

Thanks to Trains VR, you can once more feel like a kid and rediscover the joys of playing with railway models. Become a railway architect, manage your trains, test drive your routes! You can even easily enthuse your own children in the world of railways – Trains VR is great for spending quality family time together, not to mention being tons of fun to play with friends.

Trains VR is a beautiful, unique, casual model railway-themed puzzle game that allows gamers of all ages to feel the creative fun of building, planning, experimenting, and solving puzzles along the way. Inspired by the universally-loved model railway, the game offers the same amount of fun without the hassle of cleaning, using up lots of space, or constantly looking for lost railway pieces. Featuring beautiful toy-like graphics and logic puzzles, the game will guarantee many hours of creative fun for everyone aged 13 to 113!

Trains VR will allow you to build your model railway and then transport yourself into the world you created. Hop aboard a train and travel along your own route. Discover what it’s like to be both an architect and a conductor. Solve logistical challenges, gather cargo, and use switches, tunnels, and turntables. Immerse yourself in the magical world of model trains.

The game is available from today, May 1st, on the market’s newest VR goggles – Oculus GO priced at $4.99 and the Gear VR priced at $4.99.