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Tracks – Controller Support + Planes, Skydivers and Scuba Divers!

Today, Excalibur Games will launch the latest update to popular sandbox title Tracks – The Train Set Game. As requested by the community, full controller support is now implemented, in addition to the introduction of more in-game objects that can be placed within the player’s worlds. Developer Whoop Group have further updates planned to add more items and features in the coming months.

Controller Support
A major part of this update for Tracks – The Train Set Game is the implementation of controller support. Tracks is now compatible with official Xbox controllers as well as third-party products. This makes the game especially accessible to a younger audience.

New Items
Complementing the controller support functionality is the introduction of many new in-game items that players can use to create varied scenery in the worlds they have created. These include model planes, vans and other vehicles, all constructed with the same charm as existing objects. Furthermore, the developers have included rocks and a wider range of passengers, themed around various jobs. There have also been many smaller scale tweaks and fixes under the hood that improve technical aspects of Tracks.

About Tracks – The Train Set Game
Tracks is the ultimate wooden train game. Construct train sets without rules and transport commuting passengers. Build the ultimate railway system and then ride it in first person from the train cab. Players can create their own elaborate sets in free-play mode, or they can take on objectives, such as creating and running a commuters’ system. Tracks – the Train Set Game has a 90% positive user review rating on Steam as of time of writing.

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