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Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit, Update…

Players Swarm to Throne of Lies as major update brings big changes.

May 01, 2018 – Last year’s Indie social deduction hit, Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit, has gotten a facelift and Castle Adiart has seen a huge influx of new players strolling through its halls and towards the gallows. Along with the new faces, version 1.1 brings a brand new game mode, a sparkling new user interface, a multitude of animated emotes for your character and six new colors for your deathnote.

Throne of Lies, which challenges players to use their in-game abilities and personal deduction skills to find the traitors at the table, regained its spot on the Twitch Top 10 with over 27,000 active viewers and recently saw over 2,800 unique players in a single 24 hour span. The game also features an active community on Discord with 13,000 members on the official Throne of Lies server at

The new animated emotes allow players to better express their individuality and bring a sense of whimsy to the dangerous proceesdings. Twelve emotes are available in the in-game store immediately, ranging from maniacal laughter and taunting to fist pumping and finger pointing. Since each emote can only be used once per in-game day, be sure to use it wisely, or whenever you have your 15 seconds of fame standing beside someone accused of treason.

Along with the emotes, the six new colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, pink and white bring added flavor to the game. Some extremely talented artists have used the colors, and the addition of a color fill tool, to recreate some of their favorite comic book and pop culture characters, many of which are featured on the Throne of Lies Twitter account at

Casual Mode is designed to help new players ease their way into the complex world of social deduction. The new mode features fewer classes and just one of the two evil factions featured in Classic Mode. This allows players to get familiar with the game’s most important roles and more easily identify the different strengths and weaknesses of the investigative, social and support classes.

Throne of Lies is a mafia-style social deduction game that enhances the genre with over 40 classes, 100+ abilities, online multiplayer, 3D visuals, vibrant lore, royal classes, multiple evil factions and a conversion system that makes every game contentious until the end. It is a throwback to the days when friends could gather around to stab each other in the back.

The game’s developers, Imperium42 Game Studio, is a truly small independent studio with just nine developers working on the game from around the globe. Throne of Lies came to prominence early last year when it launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $20,000 to finish development before launching in September 2017.

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