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Tesoro Launches New Webpage


Tesoro Technology USA Inc., a manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, today launches an updated version of its website, giving visitors a more intuitive navigation experience.
Along with an optimized interface, the new website will feature localized social
media integration and more detailed product page specifications and pictures. In the
near future Tesoro’s website will feature multiple languages.

Easy Navigation

Visitors to the new site will experience a more user-friendly product search
interface. With less clicks, users will be search through entire product lines to
find the exact gaming peripheral they are looking for.

More Detailed Product Information

Each new product page features more detailed information so that gamers can fully
understand which peripheral is right for them without even physically holding it.
Easy to read information includes:

  • Detailed product overviews
  • A plethora of Hi-Res images
  • Interactive product feature images
  • Embedded YouTube product reviews
  • Keyboard product pages feature switch specific audio files to better define
    switch preference

  • Where to buy section with localized buying information (Coming soon)
  • Video overview of products

Localized Social Media Integration

The new website will support multiple languages. Depending on the language selected,
Tesoro’s local social media feed will be accessible on the site. This gives gamers
around the world access to Tesoro’s latest news and happenings that are relevant to

eSport Integration

Coming soon, eSport fans will be able to track the progress of their favorite teams,
sign up for tournaments that Tesoro hosts, and compete for the opportunity to be in
the next major team sponsored by Tesoro.

Online Shop

Early next year, an online shop will be added in selected regions for increased
availability of Tesoro’s products.

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