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Tango: The Adventure Game

Published by Inca Games, The Upcoming Title Makes its North American Debut at this Weekend’s Media Indie Exchange in Seattle

Friday, August 31, 2018 –Latin American indie incubator and publishing company Inca Games today announced they will be showcasing Tango: The Adventure Game at the Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) this Saturday, September 1, at the Showcase Theater in Seattle, WA. The first title from Argentina-based Gualicho Games, Tango has appeared at numerous indie game festivals in Latin America and was a 2017 Finalist at the Awesome Games Awards. Its appearance at The MIX marks the North American debut for this humorous and beautiful point & click 2D graphic adventure, which is slated for release for PC on Steam later this year.

Set in 1930’s Buenos Aires, the game tells a fictional story of the world’s most famous Tango singer, songwriter, and actor; and the history of the Argentine Tango. Tango: The Adventure Game paints a rich portrait of the dynamic music, dance, cinema, and lifestyle of Buenos Aires and Argentina during this important time in the country’s history through its humorous narrative, puzzles and iconic soundtrack.

“We knew one another from childhood and then through the games industry and had always wanted to work on a game together, despite each of us spending years doing our own things; whether that was writing, illustration, games or music,” said Martin Arregui, Gualicho’s founder and narrative writer. “Taking inspiration from studios like Double Fine, we wanted to a graphic adventure and something music-centric. That’s how Tango was born.”

The studio then was approached by Inca Games, the first Spanish-speaking LatAm publisher with a focus on the best games for and from the Latin American region and was invited to join its incubator. The pairing was a natural fit, as both teams share the desire to shine a light on regions indie games, talent, stories and culture.

“There is so much history, arts, and culture from Latin America that hasn’t really broken through the collective consciousness internationally, said Javier Entelman, CEO of Inca Games. It’s our hope to spotlight the region’s stories and sensibilities in some of the games we bring to market, and to help them reach a global audience. While reviewing candidates for our first wave of incubator games, Tango really stood out, as it’s such a wonderful embodiment of Argentine culture.”
Tango: The Adventure Game is currently scheduled for release before the end of this year for PC, with additional platforms possibly to follow. For additional information, please visit

About Inca Games
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Inca Games is the first Spanish-speaking Latin American games publisher with both a regional focus and global scale. Inca Games helps the LatAm developers bring the best games of the region to market, fosters the burgeoning games community with better access, and provides opportunities for worldwide co-publishing partners within the region.

In addition to its upcoming title Element: Space, developed by in-house development team Sixth Vowel, Inca will release Team Guazu’s Shadow Brawlersand Gaulicho Studio’s Tango: The Adventure Game through its incubator and publishing arm. The privately-held company has additional offices in the Netherlands and San Francisco. For additional information, please visit