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Survival Hit Green Hell Lets Players Fight for their Lives in the Combat Update

February 6th, 2019— Creepy Jar is delighted to announce that the third major update for survival game Green Hell, the Combat Update, is now live and free for everyone who has purchased the game. Players will be able to face off against new spear-wielding tribals warriors as they attempt to survive in the harsh regions of the Amazon rainforest, but they won’t be left defenseless! The Combat Update introduces a new armor crafting system as well as a host of new traps to defend your home base with. But beware, with enemy AI improvements, the enemy is smarter and more dangerous than ever.

Continuing their focus on listening to the Green Hell community, Creepy Jar has also implemented a number of changes and fixes alongside this update. Find a detailed changelog on their steam page and see a list of the major additions in the update below;

  • New Human AI — Spear-wielding Tribal Warrior
  • New Traps — Defend your camp against Tribal Warriors
  • New Armor System — Craft crucial protective armor
  • New AI Behaviors — Patrols and camp destruction
  • There Will be Blood — AI bleeding system
  • Who does your make up!?! Did you get a haircut? — New Tribal paintings and haircuts
  • New Weapons — Tribal Spear and Tribal Bow
  • Steam Cloud — Cloud saves and language integration
  • New Challenge — Face your enemies in a tough new challenge

For a look at what’s coming down the line for Green Hell, take a look at the Green Hell Roadmap!

Green Hell is now available on Steam Early Access at a list price of $19.99 USD