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Super Star Troopers is Ready to Fight the Rebellion and the Alien Hordes

October 15, 2018 – Independent game developer Marko Lybeck today released an open beta test version of his first game Super Star Troopers for Windows 10 PCs.

Ready for some free-to-play, fast-paced, turn-based, single and multiplayer, tactical strategy? Annihilate the rebel scums and fight your way through alien hordes in gigantic battle station with your super-cyber-duper-space-commandos. Game honors it’s deep Laser Squad and X-COM roots, but with simpler mechanics and faster phasing. It’s all about hitting the enemies hard and keeping your team safe as long as you can. You can’t win this war, but you can damn right save as many hostages as you can and punish some bad guys before it’s all over.

You got standard tactical assault gear, the Assault Ion Cannon and the trusty Tactical Power Armor with slowly regenerating shields, but there won’t be any magic potions to heal you on your way. The levels and the enemy numbers will grow, while your team will only get weaker if you not careful. Plan your steps wisely and try out new strategies with different armor upgrades and you will be rewarded. Evolve your game and beat your high scores in singleplayer campaign or challenge your neighborhood nemesis to the legendary duel in multiplayer mode.

Brace yourself for battle from the MICROSOFT STORE.

Marko Lybeck is a hardened full-stack business developer building his lifelong dream, first indie game.

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