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Starcom: Nexus Launches Into Early Access Today

The follow-up to the classic Starcom is now available on Steam

Ten years ago, over a million players discovered the joys of space exploration with the now classic Flash game “Starcom.” Over the past few years the developer, Wx3 Labs, has been dropping tantalizing videos and images of an ambitious re-imagining of the game with beautiful graphics, customizable ships, a huge technology tree, and a large open universe full of mysteries to discover. Now that universe is finally available to explore.
The game’s designer, Kevin Lin, describes the game as an homage to the classic “Star Trek” sims: mixing the wonder of exploring a strange universe with the thrill of blasting alien ships.

The game begins with the player in the role of a freshly-minted Starcom Fleet Commander, tasked with a standard delivery mission. Everything immediately goes off the rails when the player’s ship and a friendly station are pulled through a rift into an unknown galaxy, caught between warring alien factions. From there, the player must explore star systems, research new technologies, and transform their small vessel into a powerful battlecruiser.

Two years of development and five rounds of closed Betas have given the game a level of polish rarely seen in Early Access titles. One Beta tester wrote “…seriously, this pre-early access-beta runs better than a lot of released games by larger developing teams.” Another described it as “without a doubt, the best Early Access beta that I have played in a very long time.”

The game is now available on Steam with a special 15% launch week discount off its normal retail price of $16.99 US.

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