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[Sponsored] Deepcool & Gamerstorm Launch New Products at Computex 2018

June 5th, 2018 – Deepcool & Gamerstorm, leading brands in the designing and manufacturing of CPU cooling systems for more than 20 years, unveils a range of state-of-the-art products at Computex 2018 today. The products include 3 RGB liquid cooling units, an RGB air cooling unit, a case series and a power supply series. These products combine aesthetics, performance and customization for a premium gaming experience.

CASTLE 240/280RGB – CPU Liquid Coolers with Immersive RGB Lighting Effects

Castle 240/280RGB is a brand new CPU liquid cooling line that comes in 240mm and 280mm sizes. Its built-in double window panes and 16.7M true color lighting system provide a perfect display of aesthetic illumination that comes in 5 built-in effects and with 36 interchangeable lighting modes. The synchronized RGB lighting system of water blocks and fans can be easily controlled by a wired controller (included) or the addressable RGB function via the motherboard. Furthermore, its ultra-large, pure copper CPU block and its optimized E-shaped micro water channel are designed to enlarge heat contact areas and to effectively enhance heat circulation, and hence meeting users’ needs for high performance and aesthetics

Castle 240RGB: $109.99 USD
Castle 280RGB: $129.99 USD
Available in July, 2018

CAPTAIN 240PRO – CPU Liquid Cooler with Automatic Pressure Releasing Cooling System and Supporting ADD-RGB Motherboard Control

CAPTAIN 240PRO comes with a patented automatic pressure adjustment function, which is capable of adjusting the pressure inside the water cooling device automatically, as a result, ensuring stable operation and extending overall life. The integrated dual-chamber water cooling device/radiator is where cooling water flows in only one direction to achieve more efficient circulation. Another technological leap on the Captain 240PRO is that the cooler integrates the addressable RGB system for synchronizing light control, by using either addressable RGB interface of specified motherboards or an additional controller. This allows customers to find the perfect gaming ambiance, lit up by the unique RGB effects they created on their own.

MSRP: $119.99 USD
Available in August, 2018





GAMMAXX GT TGA – Light Up Your TUF Gaming Rig

As a member of TUF GAMING ALLIANCE, GAMMAXX GT TGA not only retains all the key features of the GAMMAXX GT series (all-aluminum RGB top covers, synchronized RGB,  lighting system, and unparalleled stable cooling performance), but also features sleek RGB lighting and optimized cooling performance, which provides gamers with an all-new air cooling experience. It’s not just cooling. It’s DEEP, high quality CPU-cooling for optimal heat dissipation, fulfilling your desire for that spectacular RGB gaming rig.

MSRP: $44.99 USD
Available in July, 2018


MATREXX 55/70/75 – Compact ATX Computer Case Offers Personal Customization Experience

 MATREXX is a compact ATX PC case series that supports up to E-ATX motherboards. This series is a perfect integration of extreme minimalist designs, glass panels, and RGB lighting to provide a unique visual aesthetic feeling. Its internal compartments offer excellent expandability and compatibility. Moreover, the brilliant addressable RGB lighting system supports RGB SYNC motherboard control and manual button-control, providing an engaging visual experience. The tempered glass sections on the front panel and the whole left side-panel feature textured black obsidian, which together with the integrated RGB lighting system, allows users to display the key elements of their system.


Side Panel InstallationHand ScrewsHand ScrewsLatched side panel
Max Front Radiator Size280/360mm280/360mm280/360mm
Max Top Radiator Size240/280mm280/360mm280/360mm
Max Bottom Radiator SizeN/AN/A240mm(Using short PSU)
Max Motherboard length330mm280mm330mm
Max Graphics Card Length370mm380mm390mm


MATREXX 55: $39.99 USD
MATREXX 70: $59.99 USD
MATREXX 75: $89.99 USD
Available in September, 2018

DQ 650-M/750-M/850-M – 100% Japanese Capacitors & 100 Full Modular

DQ650-M/750-M/850-M Series power supply provides outstanding functions such as tight voltage control, quiet operation, 80 PLUS Gold-certified efficiency, and fully modular cabling. The core part of the series is built with 100% Japanese 105℃ capacitors, a well-known cornerstone for high-performance PCs which demand reliability. The 120mm FDB speed-adjustable fan operates effectively and quietly, while the 80 PLUS Gold efficiency guarantees low operating cost and minimum excessive heat. With a 5 year warranty, we are certain that these are ideal, must-have equipment for gamers.

DQ 650-M: $129.99 USD
DQ 750-M: $149.99 USD
DQ 850-M: $159.99 USD
Available in July, 2018