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[Sponsored] Antlion Audio Introduces New XLR Compatibility

Antlion addresses needs of PC streamers and casters with its new XLR Power Converter and ModMic 5 attachable boom microphone.

May 17, 2018 — Antlion Audio (, leader in customizable audio solutions for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), today announced the Antlion XLR Power Converter. This new accessory allows their award-winning ModMic lineup to be safely used with standard 48v 3-pin XLR phantom power sources on mixers and audio interfaces. Designed with streamers and casters in mind, the combination of a ModMic 5 and XLR Power Converter provides a vast array of options for users to produce broadcast quality sound, without the hassle, bulk, and cost of a desktop mic with shock mount.

For streamers the difficulties of a traditional large diaphragm condenser mic are numerous. Typical complaints include the microphone’s size, space requirements, and expense with all required “extras”. Furthermore, users have to position the mic in their face to obtain the best quality. Active personalities who move their head during a stream will cause their voice to fade as they move from the mic.

The Antlion Audio ModMic solves all of these problems. By attaching directly to the headphones like a boom mic, the ModMic stays in the same place relative to the mouth, takes up no additional space, and provides the crystal clear quality expected from its larger cousins, all for an affordable price. With the introduction of the XLR Power Converter and the use of the ModMic 5 the quality will be consistently fantastic and the amount of control over the analog quality never higher.

The XLR Power Converter features the special Antlion Proximity Compensator. The Compensator is a built-in function to reduce the low frequency which increases as the mic nears the audio source, resulting in what is known as the proximity effect. Designed with the ModMic in mind, the Proximity Compensator ensures that a boom microphone will sound neutral, further allowing end users to modify the signal with their mixer.

“Antlion Audio believes that streamers and casters should not be tied to their desk or have their face blocked by a giant pop filter,” said Elishaya Wisnievitz, CEO of Antlion Audio. “With the introduction of the XLR Power Converter and the use of the ModMic 5, voice quality will be consistently fantastic.”

XLR Power Converter Features

  • Mixers + ModMics: Safely converts 3-pin 48v phantom power to 5v plugin power from any standard mixer or audio Interface.

  • Mic Compatibility: Works with all wired ModMic products. For best results, the dual microphones of the ModMic 5 give maximum flexibility.

  • Proximity Compensator: Antlion’s unique Proximity Compensator adjusts for the increase in low frequency as the mic nears the audio source, delivering natural vocals.


The new XLR Power Converter is available effective May 17, 2018 with an MSRP of $24.95 from the Antlion Audio online store at , as well as Amazon at . A special ModMic 5 + XLR Bundle is available for $89.95. For a full list of retailers visit: .



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