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Sixth Vowel & Inca Games Release Update to Element: Space

New Checkpoints and Other Improvements Added as Tactical RPG Moves Closer to Full Launch on PC

Argentina-based incubator and publisher Inca Games today announced that Element: Space, Sixth Vowel’s squad-based tactical RPG, has received a significant update that includes new features and a number of bug fixes. Most notable of the new features is the addition of Save Checkpoints following each battle in every story mission – something the game’s community had been requesting, as well as selectable pre-sets for key controls and HUD improvements that make switching between weapons more intuitive.

The game is currently available for PC/Steam as Early Access for $19.99 USD, and is expected to launch in full on PC next month for PC for $29.99 USD, with additional platforms to follow.

“We’ve received such great feedback from those who have played Element: Space at shows, and especially from the Steam community,” said Javier Entelman, President and CEO of Inca Games and Sixth Vowel. “The players have been instrumental in helping with final play balancing and bug fixes, and we’ve been listening to them.

More than two years in the making by a team of 50 developers, Element: Spaceis estimated to be one of the biggest games solely conceived and developed in the Spanish language Latin American region. It’s a vast universe where players must align with an ideology, and strategically select and lead their squad of diverse companions into intergalactic conflict; dealing with the consequences of their choices throughout Element: Space’s deep story and rich combat.

“We’ve completed the localization system, rendering the full-motion videos, and all the ship conversations,” continued Entelman. “The team sees the light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait to get the full game into the hands of those who’ve been on this journey with us.”

Element: Space Early Access for PC can be downloaded on Steam, on the game’s website,  and on the Humble Bundle store for the discounted price of $19.99 USD. The full version of the game will be $29.99 USD. For additional information, please visit