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Sci-Fi MMO, Dual Universe, Launches Into Alpha With Stunning Trailer

To celebrate the launch of its Alpha, join the team at Novaquark for an in-depth look at all the planet-settling, space-faring features available now in Dual Universe!

December 6, 2018 – Last week, Novaquark hit it’s biggest milestone yet in the development of its sci-fi civilization-building MMO, Dual Universe, launching into its first playable Alpha. To celebrate this exciting milestone and build upon the game’s recently-released launch trailer, the team has put together a brand new video that offers an in-depth look at all the features currently available in Dual Universe’s Alpha 1. Commented by Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO & Creative Director of Novaquark and Baptiste Agati, Game Designer of Dual Universe,  it includes everything from creation tools for building futuristic cityscapes, to hoverbikes for exploring uncharted planets.

That’s not all, though. Did you miss Dual Universe’s Alpha launch this past week? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about the current state of Dual Universe:

  • Built upon four key pillars – Explore, Build, Trade, Conquer – Alpha 1 brings the first two facets of this massive sci-fi sandbox to life, allowing players to explore and build almost anything they can imagine with a wealth of tools for building, blueprinting, mining, harvesting, crafting, transporting, storing, and selling resources
  • Thanks to the dev team’s terraforming efforts, Alioth, the game’s starting planet, has reached an area size close to the one of real life Great Britain, and that’s only the first planet.
  • As the first major step in Novaquark’s ambitious development roadmap through launch in 2020, check out what players can expect from Dual Universe’s future milestone updates here:

Dual Universe is available now in its Alpha 1 phase, with Alpha 2 slated to arrive in the first half of 2019. For the latest updates on all things Dual Universe, visit the official website, and follow the game on TwitterFacebookDiscordReddit, and YouTube. In addition to being the 3rd biggest worldwide video game Kickstarter of 2016, it earned over one million dollars in funding on both Kickstarter and its official website, and boasts a vibrant community of over 10,000 backers and almost 2,000 in-game organization communities.

About Dual Universe

  • UNIVERSE (available in test version): The first fully editable universe made for players by players. The only limit is your imagination! Gather your friends and build on a truly epic scale, from ships, cities and space stations, to Lua scripted puzzles and interactive constructs.
  • MASSIVE (available in test version): Dual Universe is the first game where potentially millions of players can interact together simultaneously, inside the same giant universe. We call it the Continuous Single Shard Cluster (CSSC) technology. This proprietary technology means no multi-server player separation, instances or loading times, just one enormous, persistent universe.
  • EXPLORATION (partially available in test version): Explore & Discover new worlds with your friends, find rare resources and build the greatest place in the universe. Will you be a nomad treasure hunter, or a calculating profiteer?
  • ECONOMY (partially available in test version): Dual Universe will have the most realistic economy system ever made in a game. From weapons and tools, to spaceships and giant space stations, build and trade everything to everyone – at your price – on your own market.
  • WARFARE (work in progress): Fight for supremacy, resource control or geostrategic advantage, as you join with fellow players and create your own defense systems, build warships, cities and space stations. Will you defend yourself or lay waste to your enemies?
  • POLITICS (work in progress): Be a lone wolf or choose an organization or build your own, hire new players, fight other alliances, cut deals with them or rule your own part of the Universe with this completely open political landscape, full of emergent gameplay opportunities.

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