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RuneScape Gets Into the Holiday Spirit for ‘Skillers’ and ‘Questers’ Alike

November 2018– The nights are drawing in, the holiday season is underway, and Jagex has announced the seasonal Winter Weekends are returning to RuneScape from tomorrow enabling players to unlock temporary buffs and skill perks.

Taking place every weekend from Friday to Monday through to 7th January, Winter Weekends are an opportunity for players to explore a wider range of content and gather rewards, including a 25% increase in experience in the Slayer skill, increased chances of loot in the Thieving skill, and higher farming yields, depending on the weekend.

Winter Weekends 2018 Timeline

30th November to 3rd December Elite Dungeons & Dungeoneering
7th December to 10th December Deep Sea Fishing & Fishing
14th December to 17th December Combat & Slayer
21st December to 24th December Gathering & Support Skills
28th December to 31st December Minigames
4th January to 7th January Player-Owned Farms & Farming
Full information on the buffs and skill perks are available at:

A seasonal quest, Violet is Blue, is also heading to the game and is set to launch on 17th December. Players will take part in a magical adventure as they help a little girl raised by yetis realise her dream of visiting the annual yeti festival. A magical and heart-warming tale, Violet is Blue is RuneScape’s answer to *those* Christmas adverts.

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