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Record of Lodoss War Online, Expand Global Services with Steam!

‘Record of Lodoss War Online (hereinafter ‘Lodoss War Online’)’, a massive fantasy MMORPG Game published by L&K and Neowiz Games’s Japan subsidiary GameOn Co., Ltd(CEO Lee, Sang Yeop), has been revealed to gamers worldwide, including North America through Digital game platform ‘Steam’.

Lodoss War Online is an MMORPG based on the story that has achieved the legend of an Asian fantastical genre, It started global services through Global Online game platform Game&Game ( and received a good response. L&K plans to strengthen its position in the North American and European markets through the steam service.

L&K prepared various events to celebrate the Lodoss War Online Steam service. First, until February 6, Perform Level Achievement Event what Each time a reach the designated level, will be provided with Level Achievement Box what you can get various equipment items to help foster, Ancient Treasure – Rare Option Maker for special Labyrinth Rare Option, EXP Pack, etc.

During the same period, Perform Main Quest Completion Event what when you upon completion of the main quest line, will receive the ‘End of Adventure ‘ reward package. ‘End of Adventure ‘ is greatly increase Monster Elimination EXP and Dungeon Clear EXP for 7 days, Artifact: New Starry Blessing[7day]  what offers a range of benefits, Low-level Skill Reset Scroll and Low-level Ability Reset Scroll for reset of Skills and Growth Ability.

Also during the same period, going to sell ‘Steam Launch Celebration Level Up Support Package(hereinafter ‘Level Up Package’)’ and ‘Steam Launch Celebration Mercenary Package(hereinafter ‘Mercenary Package’)’ that can be purchased once per character. For Level Up Package, There is ‘Artifact: New Starry Blessing[30day]’ for enable quick level-up and equipment acquisition and ’Level Achievement Bonus Pack ‘to provide EXP Pack, Adventurer Association Seal, Labyrinth & Raid Token, etc. up to 60 levels at each level and ‘Inventory Increase Quest Clear Ticket(All)’ what can Clear the all of Inventory Increase Quest also when achieved level 60, can get ‘Level 60 Achievement Reward Box’ included Materials needed to make a unique weapon.

In Mercenary Package, included ‘Hero Costume Package’ what can acquire a hero costume for your class, to changes the appearance of a character to look like 6 heroes by the original Record of Lodoss War. Furthermore, can get more than 50 ‘Premium Mercenary Ticket(Steam)’ from level 4 to level 39. And that provides five ‘Mercenary Fragment’ that enables you to hire a variety of supporting NPC mercenaries that make early hunting easier. Also, provide ‘40 Level Achievement Ticket(Steam)’ that enables A class Mercenary to be hired immediately upon achievement of 40 levels.
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