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Permadeath Free-to-Play Bullet-Hell MMO Enters Closed Beta

Survived By Adds Raid Dungeons and Launches First Ever Monthly Event

July 18, 2018 – Canadian publisher and developer, Digital Extremes, and veteran independent developer, Human Head Studios, moves Survived By™, a free-to-play bullet-hell massively multiplayer online (MMO) game into Closed Beta with their first monthly event and the introduction of 10-player Raids and Hard mode dungeons, all with an updated user interface (UI) and graphics.

To kick off the development milestone, Survived By will begin letting in more players who sign up for accounts on the game’s website, and will launch its first major event, dubbed Prophecies of Sin, for a limited time starting today July 18 and ending on July 25. Atop a giant ziggurat, players must summon a devastating new boss and coordinate their efforts to save the world. Only the most brazen will emerge victorious and earn never-before-seen exclusive event skins, gear and unique titles. Gather your friends now for a night of retro-style bullet hell bonding and madness as you protect the world from the Prophecies of Sin!

Players can also take on Survived By’s newest 10-player-limited Raid Dungeon, Conduit of Fire. The introduction of this Raid dungeon and more to come will force players to strategize and work together like never before as a maximum of 10 players take on new bosses across multiple levels. Along the way, players will encounter fierce new enemies, uncover altars that bestow various buffs and earn unknown treasures across a series of maps. While regular dungeons consist of a single boss, Raids will force players to defeat three, each blocking their path until the other is defeated. Once completed, players are rewarded with rare components to craft unique weapons, armour and soon, unlock never-before-seen ancestral legacies.

Additional New Features Added During Closed Alpha

  • Hard Mode Dungeons. These brand new dungeons act as variations of the original dungeons but with more rooms, increased monsters and more rewarding loot.
  • More Ways to Customize. New skins, legacies, set bonuses, bullet patterns, item sockets, item levels and permanent bonuses await in the Heartlands. Launching today will also be a brand new attachment system that will allow players to add cosmetic items including giant bat wings, burning footsteps and more.
  • Updated Visuals. Reimagined zones, enemies, sprites and an all-new UI.

Since entering Closed Alpha in August 2017, Survived Byhas gathered a vigorously growing community through hosting weekly developer streams and community raids. New players and old are invited to join as Survived By continues to grow and expand, introducing new dungeons, rewards, events and countless ways to customize your character and your experience. Players can now apply for the  Survived ByClosed Beta by registering an account at

Would you like to join the Survived By community? Head to our forums to start a conversation. Check our official website at To keep up with the latest updates from the development team, be sure to follow Survived By on Twitch, YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.

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