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Patriot Releases Fuel Ion Magnetic Portable Battery


Patriot, a leading developer in mobile accessories, computer and USB/flash memory, today launched the latest member to its FUEL iON ecosystem. The new FUEL iON Magnetic Portable Battery offers the portable convenience of charging smartphones line with a new cordless twist.

Hassling with power cords has become a thing of the past with Patriot’s new FUEL iON Magnetic Portable Battery. Simply attach it to the back of any FUEL iON phone case to power up and charge on-the-go. Its 2100mAh capacity provides enough strength to fuel any smartphone without connecting to a power cord all the while its compact and lightweight features allow it to fit perfectly into any pocket, purse or backpack for storage.

Compatible with any of the FUEL iON bases, the portable battery can simultaneously charge both itself and any FUEL iON enabled smartphone at home, in the office or in the car. An LED indicator at the top of the battery lights up to let users know how much power is left with the touch of a button. Don’t have a FUEL iON charging base on hand? Not a problem, an included micro USB cord allows for the use of a power outlet when needed. Packed with smart circuit technology, mobile devices are protected from short circuit, over voltage, over current and leakage.

“The FUEL iON magnetic portable battery is the next must have product for the smartphone user,” said Mike Chang, Patriot’s Product Manager. “We’ve taken the next step in developing the ease at which consumers can access their mobile devices without having to worry about their power supply.”

The FUEL iON ecosystem is comprised of slim, stylish and fully protective cases for the iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy s4/5 and Samsung Note3, an ergonomically designed charging stand for the office, a car mount, a charging pad with 360 degree rotation and now the magnetic portable battery. At the center of the FUEL iON’s technology are incredibly strong neodymium magnets designed to secure and charge a device simply by making contact. The revolutionary design of the FUEL iON line allows for charging speeds comparable to that of a wall charger without having to deal with a cord.


The FUEL iON Portable Battery is available now for an MSRP of $49.99 and can be found at retailers including Fry’s Electronics, Newegg, Amazon and other select retailers.

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