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Oregon Aero Brings Their Omega Upgrades to Baselan 27.

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Click the link above to visit their temporary webpage

Last month, CPU Magazine, did a great write up and interview with Oregon Aero, an aftermarket military equipment upgrade company. The company has opened a new division specifically for gamers who love their headsets but want to upgrade them to make them more comfortable. They currently sell pre-modded headsets on their site, from Astro to Roccat, so if you are on the market for a new/replacement headset, go check out their webpage by clicking the logo above.

What do they change? For $80, they will modify both the ear cushions and padding over top of your head to match the quality of military pilots. All changes are covered by a 30 day complete product refund and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company also designs seat cushions for lan parties (you know those terrible plastic chairs?), the cushions are identical to the ones used in the Canadian CF-18 fighters protecting our skies over Canada.

The company plans on launching their new headset specific webpage November 3rd 2014. We at AYBOnline will be announcing the webpage launch as soon as it happens.

Oregon Aero will be in attendance at Baselan 27 this fall, they will be donating 5 headset upgrades and 5 custom AYB seat cushions for winners of some of our events. They will also be setting up a small table to do custom mods on site for anyone who is interested. We welcome them and cannot wait to show them the great community we’ve built here.