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On-Call Solutions Offers a Pre-order Option for Baselan 27 Attendees


Our network partner, On-Call Solutions, is offering a special “order now and pay at Baselan” opportunity for anyone interested. Are you looking for a certain video card, headset, motherboard or random device that you can’t afford at this very moment but would like to have at Baselan or after you get paid? On-Call is offering to foot the temporary bill for you and then you can pay for the product on site at Baselan where it will be waiting for you. If you are interested in this offer, send an email to their SALES TEAM.

On-Call will also be selling hardware, power cables, network cables and power bars at the event for those that have unfortunately forgotten them at home or run into a hardware problem at the event. You will find the On-call Network/Hardware Station in the Baselan area on floor 1.