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Next Day – Major Update and Released Date Announced

Next Day published a major update and announced the release date. Featuring exoskeletons!

The MMORPG survival Next Day is scheduled for release on May, 21. On this occasion, the development studio has installed the biggest update since the early release time.

We added new locations to the game. The largest, the Dead Marshes, is filled with the toxic smog that had caused the global catastrophe. This zone is so vast that completing quests and obtaining new weapons and armor will take you hours! Next Day has brought you, new unique enemies, including our favorite mutants, and, of course, bosses, so don’t expect the new quests to be easy to complete.

The major feature of the latest update is the new set of armor. It is an exoskeleton that’ll turn your character into a true war machine. The reinforced armor-1 (UKB-1) is powered by an internal battery. It increases both your firepower and defense rate manifold. You are supposed to carefully check and control the temperature output of the armor set, and monitor the battery life. Miss out a second, and your armor is bricked.

About the game.
The action of the MMORPG survival Next Day takes place on a fictional post-Soviet territory, mostly covered in toxic smog. Your main goal is to survive, level up your character, interact with the world, other player and non-player characters. Along the game, your character earns reputation, which ultimately enables it to join various survivors’ factions, each of which has their pros and cons.


  • Unlike many survival games, Next Day has got a carefully elaborated storyline.
  • If you’re lucky, you can get yourself a vehicle.
  • Well-designed craft system: You don’t want to go out into the wild nature without skills.
  • Various game modes. The basic mode combines Survival and RPG.
  • Survival quests. Each faction has its goal-setting quest line.
  • Reputation and faction affiliation. Each player chooses sides of their own accord.

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