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New Sulan Expansion Transforms Revelation Online

Free Expansion Overhauls the Capital City And Dungeons Of Nuanor, Adds New Features.

“New Sulan” is the latest expansion for the award-winning MMORPG Revelation Online and is available for free, today. Developer NetEase and publisher teamed up to revamp the game with one of its largest updates to date. By literally rebuilding the main quest location in the game and revising nearly every aspect of the game, “New Sulan” impacts adventurers of all kinds. Players can look forward to new dungeon bosses, class mounts, housing options, questlines and much more. In celebration of New Sulan’s release, the Heart of the Ocean and Paradise Packs are made available to explore the newly explorable areas provided by the expansion!

New Sulan remixes and adds the following features:

  • Capital City Sulan Rebuilt: New technology and player feedback made it possible for the developers to give the main quest hub of Sulan a vibrant redesign improving on both its look and functionality . New buildings have been added and include fresh-faced characters for players to interact with. Also NPCs in general, have been changed up in regards to what services and quests they offer. Overall this updated, livelier city of Sulan will be much more trade and user-friendly, as well as easier to navigate.
  • Dungeon and Raids Revised: The remodeling of the dungeon system streamlines the rewards and difficulty settings for the Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, Grand Bulwark, Tower of Pain, Mech Citadel, Altar of Swords and Eternal Chasm dungeons. Some trial versions are removed, while the amount of times adventurers can re-enter dungeons has been revised and new bosses are added. For all difficulties, new prizes are implemented with the best rewards and gear to be obtained from the Heroic modes.
  • Class Choices Changed: The Vanguard, Occultist and Spiritshaper received the most attention in the class rebalancing in New Sulan, with numerous changes to their abilities and statistics. The flexibility to class choice increases at the same time for characters up to level 49, since the expansion adds three free changes to complement the existing options. Additionally, new female model choices are available for the Assassin, Blademaster and Gunslinger classes in the character creator and new fantastic looking mounts are available for each class.
  • Housing Refurbished: The magic barrier around seafront properties is removed so players can head to nearby waters to dive in and ride on water mounts. Once tired out from their shoreline exertions, players can craft an all-new furniture set! A group of strangely dressed merchants from a land far to the west has come to the Sulan Commerce Center, and they’ve brought with them a new set of furniture called the Phoenix Feather set. With the required material and a bit of effort piecing things together, the set should look great in your sea-view abode!
  • Expanded Guild Features: To improve social stability of guilds, guild leaders are now automatically changed over if they are inactive for over two weeks. In the guild areas, new Guild Cultivations are available (Crit Defense, Defense Break Resist, Crit Increment and Crit Reduction) all of which can be cultivated 200 times. Lastly, the Tower of Loyalty can be interacted with by the guild leader daily to provide the entire guild with a buff.
  • And more: The list of enhancements, additions and reworks is seemingly endless. New Sulan, revises achievements, shop cosmetics and PvP systems. New questlines are added and stamina restrictions to mounts and wings are removed.