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New Bewitching Content Available for Icons: Combat Arena

Spooky new arena and bewtiching character comes to Icons: Combat Arena, just in time for halloween.

Developer Wavedash Games announced today that Shadowbriar, a brand-new and extra spooky arena, is now available for play in Icons: Combat Arena, a new free to play competitive platform fighter. Wavedash has also announced the planned release of Ezzie, a sinister little witch who uses magic to knock her foes out of the new mystical realm.

Located in an eerie realm of magic, on the other side of a mysterious portal, lies the constantly rotating platform named Shadowbriar. Its mystical and twisted forest offers combatants more than they bargained for as they compete to boost their league’s ratings and establish themselves as a true icon. Shadowbriar is ready to play now in Icons: Combat Arena, with more great content coming.

Meet Ezzie, a tiny little witch who might seem too small to fight, but she can pack a gnarly bite. As the next icon coming to the combat arena, Ezzie summons three different projectile attacks, flies through the air, and yes, even her hat will bite back. Ezzie is coming to Icons: Combat Arena this October, just in time for Halloween. Any competitor coming to the Shadowbriar is just as dangerous as any monster in her magical realm. While she allowed Icons matches to take place in Shadowbriar, she never showed any interest in participating until Afi & Galu appeared. Covetous of whatever magic powered them, she joined the fighting league to take it for herself.

Icons: Combat Arena is inspired by the early days of competitive fighting games, when anyone could jump in and immediately start having fun throwing out piercing punches, mighty shockwaves, and bruising body blocks. Icons: Combat Arena provides players with a fully supported multiplayer experience, precise control, vibrant playable characters, powerful special moves, and tons of customization, including: gorgeous skins, rousing taunts and emotes, custom portraits and more!


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