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New Archer Enhanced Skills Available in Black Desert Online SEA

January 9, 2019 – Adventurers that reach levels 56 and 57 can now enjoy completely new Enhanced Skills with their Archer characters. Upon reaching level 56 and completing the prerequisite skills, the Archer can learn one of two Enhanced Skills: the Rain of Arrows and Elemental Protection. Upon reaching level 57, the Archer can learn the Ultimate: Verdure Clout or Verdure Root Enhanced Skill. The new skills combine the best of the Archer’s combat skills for an enhanced action experience.

Also, Black Desert Online SEA will celebrate its first anniversary on January 17 with the “1st Anniversary Prologue Event.” Adventurers can look back on the past year and share their fondest in-game memories on the Black Desert official website from January 9 to January 23. All Adventurers that submit their favorite screenshots will receive a Premium Burning Gift Box containing one of many items such as a Dandelion Weapon Box, Golden Backpack, Sicil’s Necklace, Awakened Spirit Crystal and much more. Three Adventurers with the best screenshots will win an additional award comprising Pearls and Merv’s Palettes.

Along with the game’s first anniversary, Black Spirit also celebrates its first birthday. All Adventurers that leave a birthday message for Black Spirit on the event page will receive a Black Spirit Gift Box containing four exclusive in-game items including a Book of Training- Combat (1 Hour), Book of Training- Skill (1 Hour), Cron Stones and Memory Fragments.

Find more information about the events here.