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Mothergunship’s Gun Crafting Demo Releases Today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

Explore Mothergunship’s gun crafting and gameplay by downloading the demo now. Share your best creations with us on social media!

GRIP Digital and Terrible Posture Games are re-purposing the traditional game demo to highlight the unlimited experience of both creation and modular customization in their upcoming FPS bullet-hell, Mothergunship. As of today, players can go online and download the completely free gun crafting demo for Mothergunship on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the family of Xbox One devices and PC, letting them experience the absurd possibilities in-game for themselves.

Download on Steam –
Download on PS4 –
Download on Xbox One –

Gun crafting in MOTHERGUNSHIP lets players build the most over the top weapons seen in a First Person Shooter with few restraints. Want to build that 20 barrel rocket-launching shotgun? Go for it! Interested in a flamethrower with ricochet shots? This demo gives you a taste of the customization and modularity of the full gun crafting system from MOTHERGUNSHIP, and provides a testing arena and small story to experience.

Set inside one of the resistances ships, players will be able to craft and test out their creations on a range filled with enemies from the game. Collect parts from taking down enemies to continue the building process and create the most nonsensical monstrosity possible! During the week of the gun demo launch we’ll be sharing player creations on Facebook and Twitter, and challenge the community to show us what they’re truly capable of. We’ll randomly select a few of these creations and award them some special goodies for the final launch of Mothergunship later this year!

About Mothergunship
Mothergunship is an explosive collision of a first-person-shooter and bullet-hell genres, facing the player against nearly endless swarms of mechanical enemies, aboard randomly generated alien spaceships, with some of the largest bosses the FPS genre has ever seen. Mothergunship brings a fresh experience into the first-person shooter genre by combining unique features with old-school first-person-shooter mechanics.


  • Shoot – Face off against overwhelming odds in a brutal, non-stop combat. Forget negotiation, forget stealth, forget reloads. Just let go and kill them all.
  • Craft – For the first time ever, build guns exactly the way you like them, with the deepest gun-crafting system ever seen in a videogame. Want to have a gun with twelve barrels that shoots homing rockets? Go for it!
  • Resist – Join the ranks of global resistance movement and take back Earth together with your friends. Cut through the alien fleet to reach the ultimate goal – bringing down the MotherGunShip.

About Grip Digital
GRIP Digital is a video game developer and publisher based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company is working with top developers, studios and brands bringing a variety of titles across all major platforms and markets.

About Terrible Posture Games
Terrible Posture Games was founded by Joe Mirabello in 2014, when it also released it’s first title, Tower Of Guns for PC, Mac, and Linux. Terrible Posture Games has been working closely with Grip Digital on the development of Mothergunship since 2015.