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MINImax Tinyverse – Real-Time, Tower-Rush Brawler heading to PC – Pre beta available

August 31, 2018 – ThatGuy is proud to announce that Korean based developer O’olBlue, who shot to fame with the mobile hit “Hunters League” have today unveiled the private closed-beta for their forthcoming PC Real-Time, Tower-Rush Brawler set for release at the end of 2018.

What might look like an innocent antique shop deep in the heart of Korea, is the battleground of a centuries old war between the realms of Aillai and Creaea, a battle that has seen more death than every pandemic combined. Beings no more than a few inches tall fight to the death to protect their realms and only you can guide them to victory.

MINImax Tinyverse will give gamers the chance to guide their “max” champion and horde of “MINI” troopers and use miracle powers to turn the tide of battle.
The Realms of Tinyverse await you.

Pre-Beta sing-up

  •          Pre-beta *Available NOW*
  •          Alienware arena beta – coming soon
  •          Steam beta – coming soon

You can sign up for the pre-beta testing of MINImax Tinyverse at the official discord group.

Simply join the #Pre-beta-sign-up channel and type “Tiny is Mighty” and await entry into the realms of Tinyverse.

Exclusive 40k, AlienWare Arena beta and Steam beta pre-release (dates TBA).

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About the game.

Developed by O’olBlue Inc. MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game with a difference, watch and assist the heroic champions of your chosen realm and guide them to victory in chaotic 1v1 battles.

About O’olBlue
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