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MINImax Tinyverse: Be a GOD – Early Access Confirmed

December 20th – South Korean developers O’ol Blue have today confirmed the forthcoming Real-time Tower-rush “Be a GOD” Strategy Brawler, MINImax Tinyverse will hit Early-Access on Thursday 27th December 2018.

Beside a wealth of improvements and enhancements built around the feedback from the previous beta tests, the Early-Access will launch with the following new additions.
Early Access Features

  • New Aillai Champion: Ortto the powerful Ortto rushes into battle to defend his grounds.
  • New Creaea Champion: Murrakah with a stronger and more violent desire, the wild Murrakah has returned to the battlefield
  • Changes to Champion Nia: Nia will comeback even deadlier than ever with adjustments to her second passive ability.
  • Timer change: The 360 second counter will be changing to a countdown.
  • UI Improvements: Thanks to the ongoing feedback from the fantastic Discord community, the User Interface will receive an overhaul.
  • Sound improvement: Sounds will be improved in various ways to enhance player experience.
  • Intro addition: When you start a game for the first time, you will get a story-based introduction to the world of Tinyverse.
  • Bot Match Improvements: Bot Match will have some changes to improve the players understanding of the game.

To celebrate the forthcoming early access launch, there’s also numerous events and competitions in the run up to Christmas on the official MINImax Tinyverse discord.

“Christmas Puzzle” Quest
Somewhere in the Antique shop Tinyverse champions and their items hide from the careful eye. The first Discord member who finds all the items and their location will win a $15 Steam Gift card! Check the image in #christmas-puzzle-quest!