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Let speed guide your path with the Drift City faction from Vroom Kaboom

Alright, so last week we focused on Skullborough faction. Driven by chaotic carnage would be a good way to describe them. This week, we’re moving onto Drift City who focus on speed to win. In a lot of ways, they play opposite to style focus of Skullborough and will attract a crowd more focused on outmaneuvering their opponent with speed to win. To get even more details, follow @RatloopCanada as they break down each faction every week.

Ratloop Games Canada are revving up for the launch of Vroom Kaboom with a focused reveal of each major faction in-game! Releasing on Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive, PS4, and PSVR, Vroom Kaboom asks players to pick a side in the battle to become champion of vehicular strategy. Learn more about the side you want to join forces with each week as we break down the 3 main factions in Vroom Kaboom.

This week: Everything you need to know about the Drift City faction!

Welcome to Drift City. Live for the thrill, the speed, and the sensation of besting your opponents. Highly disciplined and tuned, Drift City vehicles will outperform anything on the market. For this faction, there’s no second place. You either win with speed or lose in the face of carnage.

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VROOM KABOOM mashes Twisted Metal with tower rush strategy as players face off against one another in a battle of armed vehicular chicken. Players choose a faction and a deck of vehicles to take into a battle against either an AI or human opponent. With limited resources, players will need to collect the appropriate supplies needed to deploy vehicles of destruction against the enemy team. Will you be able to destroy the enemy base first or fall victim to superior tactics? Find your faction, style, and strategy to best your opponents in VROOM KABOOM!

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