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Kamasylvia Part 2 Opens in Black Desert Online SEA

September 12, 2018 – Kamasylvia Part 2 opens in Black Desert Online SEA today. With this expansion, Adventurers will have access to a host of new territories, including the capital city of Grána, the Gyfin Rhasia Temple and two popular hunting grounds; Polly’s Forest and the Fadus-ridden Loopy Tree Forest.

Both forests are similar to the Sausan Garrison in difficulty, so 50s-level players now have more places to hunt. Plus, there’s a high chance of Black Stones dropping for Adventures that defeat the forests’ Thief Imp Philums, mushroom monsters and Fadus.

Adventurers with higher gear scores can venture into the Gyfin Rhasia Temple filled with powerful monsters. Although the risk is high, Adventurers can look forward to some luring drops such as the Forest Fury, items for Horse Awakening and the Tungrad Belt, a valuable yellow-grade item.

More exciting news comes from the introduction of Black Desert Online SEA’s first-ever Dream Horse, Arduanatt. The white Pegasus has large wings it can use to swiftly glide down cliffs and other high places to give Adventurers plenty of added speed. To increase the chances of awakening a Dream Horse, Pearl Abyss is putting on a Hot-Time event until October 3. During the event, exclusive items may drop from hunting, gathering and fishing to boost Adventurers’ training experience points.

It’s also the perfect time for Adventures to get ahead with various events giving away additional rewards upon reaching levels 30 to 58. Find out more information about recent events here.

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