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Impulsion will Test Players’ Minds and Reflexes with July 19 Steam Launch

Play with Force Fields, Manipulate Time, and Climb the Leaderboards in Mind-bending First-person Platformer from Driving Force Games

June 1, 2018 – Global game publisher Playdius and independent studio Driving Force Games are proud to announce that the first-person platformer Impulsion will be available July 19 on PC via Steam. Winner of the Ping Awards 2017, Impulsion is a mind-bending first-person platformer that will challenge players’ reflexes with fast-paced challenges and gameplay.

In Impulsion, players find themselves in station HMR-1, a mysterious station designed to calibrate robotic units such as yourself. Guided by the sassy artificial intelligence Archie, players will be charged with navigating through a wide array of devious challenges to prove their worth outside of the station.

Your weapon: time manipulation. Armed with two force field pistols, players can dual-wield their weapons, manipulating time, gravity, and speed to overcome obstacles and avoid traps in each environment. With sharp wits, fast reflexes, and imagination, players must show off their skills and find the right balance between bold moves and caution as they take on 25 levels of increasing difficulty.

Impulsion key features include:

  • Fast-paced platformer in first-person experience!
  • Challenging levels providing hours of gameplay
  • Story Mode with an intriguing science-fiction story filled with funny dialogues
  • Competitive Mode with Steam leaderboards to challenge the world… and your friends
  • Speed-run Mode with an in-game timer for players looking for the hardest of challenges!

Find out more about Impulsion on the official website and Steam – and stay up to date with the latest news by following the developers on Twitter and Facebook.

Driving Force Games is an independent game development studio based in Paris. Founded in 2018 by 3 passionate students from the Institute of the Internet and Multimedia in Paris, Driving Force Games goal is to bring fun to its players by offering high quality challenging games requiring both skill and reflection. Its first game called Impulsion, a first-person platformer set in a futuristic environment, has been awarded the Ping Awards 2017 of Best Student Game and was nominated at The Game Awards 2017 in the Best Student Game category.

Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, video game distribution leader based in France. Since 2015, we have been patiently building a strong line up on PC, Consoles and Mobile with games from all over the world such as HoverBury Me My LoveSplasher or upcoming Away and Edge of Eternity. Our ambition is to bring to the players the very best of incredible indie production, with creative and different games that match with our motto: “Play Outside the Box”.